lost-in-shinyexo-planet answered: Um… I like most foods so this is hard. Hmm maybe Sushi Tei, it’s like a deep fried, tuna sushi with mayo? Anyway it’s really good! <3

answered: My favourite restaurant is La Grotta in Buti, Italy. And my favourite dish there is bistecca fiorentina alla griglia. hmm hmm

answered: Cheynne Mnt. Resort - Yellow Lentil Soup with Grilled Lamb Chops

 answered: It’s called Aladdin’s, and I LOVE their falafel and lentil soup! I also pour their hot sauce on everything!

flammiessaid: Brick Lane Curry House has fantastic paneer tikka masala

assassysinPizza. If you say no to a nice crust with ooey gooey cheese and all the toppings, you’re not human.


justanotherfool92quite simple: a spoonful of peanut butter and nutella.


d3athb4d1sh0n0rProsciutto, sun dried tomatoes, and pepper jack cheese on garlic cheese bread.

justanotherfool92cheddar, swiss, bacon, tomato, avocado red onion, hot sauce, on caramelized 9-grain

fistcookieMild cheddar and feta with jalapenos and pepperoni!

wronglevaaaaamultiple kinds and slices of cheese, tomatoes, red onions, balsamic vinaigrette and garlic aioli.



data-sevenstrawberry and spinach with goat cheese, red onion, sunflower seeds and homemade balsamic vinaigrette.

explorerlemondeHomemade spinach, strawberry, mango, feta, avocado, almond, pesto salad!

sendinyourskeletonsi make an awesome salad with chicken, feta, sundried tomatoes, pumpkin, spinach and pinenuts. so yum


gingertoothThere’s a place in my hometown that makes avocado, cayenne and goat cheese ice cream popsicles. I love them!!!

lorem-ipsummOne scoop of Chocolate and another of pistachio or raspberry

oigoalgoBirthday cake flavor (with soft little chunks of cake, maraschino cherries, and fudge swirls)

j-sireChocolate,coffee, and butter pecan in one bowl.


vuipopbanoffee is the most delicious oh my gosh and it just makes me mouth water when i see it >.<’ „

greeneyedgarnetPumpkin pie & new York style cheese cake!!(:

models-and-goodfood:banana sliced in half stuffed with chocolate chips peanut butter marshmallows and coconut. wrap it in foil and put in on campfire and then eat. omggggg

overvloedProfiterol, all day every day.



bobrellakanbaked snapper and grilled vegetables!

wevebeenaroundforawhileSeared Salmon w/ aspargus & Mashed red Potatoes!

seashellsandsequinsCoconut shrimp!!!

osodeazucar69Camarones a diablo



thelastsupperafterparty:Horse Fillet was a surprising one for me, charred on the outside but rare inside it’s a divine meal when served simply with fries and creamed spinach. A less controversial option is Pan Fried Duck Breast served up with caramelised apple and foie gras

ccc1967Ribeye steak - bone in on the grill black and blue…kosher salt

allisquiethereMine would have to be duck. I love to roast a duck with home made honey garlic sauce and sesame seeds!

pocketsizederilamb, roasted with roast potatoes, honey parsnips/carrots and other veggies and loads and loads of mint sauce :)

knittedfuinBeef, and I love it in Hachee, which is a slowcooker stew type thing, which is basically just beef with a lot of onion and a spice blend



subtledgeConch and spinach lasagna with bechamel sauce

cucsusoonFusilli with classical basil pesto :)

anotherampersandVodka-spiked spaghetti!! (Came across the recipe on 6 Bittersweets) ^^

orangechickenisredPesto Cavatappi with grilled shrimp ^_^



flammiesCreamy chicken piccata over rice mmmm

orangechickenisredI like chicken adobo. Filipino style ^_^

allisquiethereI love it with apple bourbon bbq sauce. Mmmmmm.

silentlustrebaked, in fajitas, in enchiladas, in a provencal sauce or with lemon, or with paprika! So many ways to have yummy chicken!